Hymn Story: In Jesus

If you know the story of C.S. Lewis, you know he tried to prove God did not exist.  Along the way, he could only prove that God actually did exist.  The story of the hymn In Jesus is very similar to C. S. Lewis testimony.

C. S. Lewis

James Proctor grew up in Manchester, England.  He was raised in a Christian home, where he regularly attended church and Sunday School.  As a teenager, he began to read on writings of non-believers and a group known as The Free Thinkers.

His faith became shaken and he joined The Free Thinkers, eventually becoming their president.

Later, he became seriously ill and in desperation called for a minister.  During their conversation the minister led him back to Christ.

Robert Harkness

While his sister was visiting, he asked her to locate two verses he’d written earlier in his dresser.  He then dictated the final two verses to her.  “James wanted these lines to be particularly meaningful to his many friends in the Free Thinker’s Society as they would read his personal testimony.”

His sister took the poem to the well-known composer and musician, Robert Harkness.  Harkness worked with R.A. Torrey on his evangelistic campaigns.  Harkness completed the music shortly thereafter while traveling to London.

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