Hymn Story: The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, is Ended

This hymn was recently sung at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Rev. John Ellerton wrote the hymn in 1870 to be included in A Liturgy for Missionary Meetings.  Two different translations of the text are included in German official hymnals.

John Ellerton

The theme focusses on the worldwide fellowship of the church. It goes on to offer a continual prayer and praise to God.

Often, it is sung to the tune of St. Clement, a popular British tune. This melody is credited to  Rev. Clement Cotteril Scholefield (1839–1904) and first appeared in Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Church Hymns with Tunes (1874).

The song was performed for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victorian in 1897.

Arthur Sullivan

The hymn is very popular in Great Britain, and came in third place in a 2005 poll by the BBC of favorite hymns.

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