Hymn Story: Day is Dying in the West

Day is Dying in the West was written by Mary Artemesia Lathbury.

She was born on August 10, 1841 in Ontario County, New York.

Day is dying in the West was written at the request of Rev. John H. Vincent in the summer of 1880.  It was a “Vesper Song” used in the responsive services.

Mary A. Lathbury

The Vesper’s came from the song being used at worship at sunset services which was popular at the time.

Originally only two verses were written for the hymn and additional stanzas written by Lathbury in 1890.  The song was published in Duffield’s English Hymns in 1886.

She wrote over seventy-five poems or songs, including “Lift up, lift up thy voice with singing.”.

She died in 1913.

William F. Sherwin wrote the music.

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