Hymn Story: Blessed Jesus at thy Word

Blessed Jesus, at Thy word was written by Tobias Clausnitzer.  He was born in 1619 Saxony. In 1644 he was appointed chaplain to a Swedish regiment. He preached the sermon at the accession of Christina as Queen of Sweden and the service for the conclusion of Peace at Westphalia in early 1649.

In 1649, he was appointed first pastor at Weiden and remined there until his death in 1684.  He wrote at least twenty-two hymns.

Catherine Winkworth translated Blessed Jesus, at Thy word from the original German text into English. She lived with relatives in Germany for a while and learned about Germany hymnody. She translated a large number of German hymn texts into English. She was born in 1827 England and died in 1878 France.

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