Wellness Tuesday: How to Prepare ahead of Time for Breakfast

I’ve shared about the importance of breakfast and ideas for a quick and easy breakfast.

So what if your time is limited in the mornings?  I’m not a morning person so planning ahead of time is a HUGE help for me.

How can you prepare ahead for breakfast?

Eggs and Toast can be

Eggs and Toast can be prepared ahead of time

  1. Lay out everything you need the night before
  2. Prepare items ahead of time {boil eggs, fix smoothie, etc. the night before}
  3. Get up 15 minutes earlier for breakfast
  4. Over the weekend cook your breakfast {quiche, muffins, breakfast pockets, breakfast breads, frittatas, granola bars, etc.}
  5. Mix up snacks ahead of times such as nuts and oats
  6. Homemade batters will keep in the refrigerator for a few days
  7. Healthy Sandwiches in the Freezer section
  8. Prepare in a Jar to take with you to work
  9. Stock the pantry ahead of time

How do you prepare ahead of time for breakfast?

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