Book Review: Hope for the Laid Off Devotionals

Are you dealing with a lay off or unemployment?  Do you know someone that is?

Having dealt with two stints of unemployment in a three-year period, I know how frustrating and discouraging this can be on the psyche.  Wondering how to make ends meet, why you were passed over or if the position Hope for Laid offdesired will ever materialize.

Mary Kaarto

Mary Kaarto

Mary Aucoin Kaarto offers hope and encouragement in her book Hope for the Laid Off Devotionals.  The devotionals are short, but encouraging for the laid off individual.  The realistic stories leave the reader with much to ponder and consider once they have finished their devotional of the day.

If you, a friend or loved one is dealing with unemployment, then I encourage you to check out Kaarto’s devotionals. I promise you will be encouraged and uplifted.


*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review



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