Rebel to Redeemed: His Ways Are Not Our Ways

Life wasn’t perfect, but it was good and I was evolving into the person I knew God wanted me to be.

my ways not your waysI continued to struggle with some situations at work, but God had given me a peace and acceptance about the circumstances.  Then I discovered that everything was about to change again at work.  I was bracing myself for more disappointment and heartache.

However, I was about to discover that God had other plans.

There were people in my life that I’d developed a close friendship with and realized the potential of evolving into more.  However, I also saw some serious red flags.  I discussed these with two of my prayer partners and we prayed about the situation.

In time, I prayed “God if he’s not the person for me then remove him from my life.”   I had no idea the depths to which God was about to go in order to do just that.

ask and receiveThree weeks later, through circumstances that only God could bring about, I walked out of my job never to return.

I felt heartbroken, hurt and betrayed, but I also knew the reason.   Everything pointed back to that prayer.

I thought about how faithful God had been over the years and wondered how different my life would have been if I’d had the faith to ask God years earlier the same thing when it came to Duncan.  My life would have been very different, but I also realized I cannot dwell on that.

Through this time, God began to teach me another lesson about faith.

The first was “ask and ye shall receive!”  {Matthew 7:7; 21:22} However, God doesn’t answer prayers the way we think He should.  He does it in the way He knows is best.  Are we going to walk in faith?

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