Why is God taking so long?

Several years ago, I waited and waited and waited on God to move in multiple areas of my life.  I began to wonder if He had forgotten me.  Would He ever work things out and allow me to find resolution in my situation?

Do you wait patiently for God to work? It’s not always easy, but is what He ask us to do.

We live in an instantaneous world where we want God to move instantly.  But the one thing any Christian can tell you is that God works in His own time and His own way.

But then one year become two which becomes three…

It is easy to become disheartened, discouraged and depending on the situation, even depressed at times.

We begin to feel alone, forgotten and even desperate during these times.  Our gut begins to question the situation and struggles to find peace.

There were even days when I became angry at God and asked if things would ever change.

So, why does God take so long?

Only He can tell us the reasoning.

But, I do know the following:

  • This is a time to draw closer to God

    Are you waiting on God?

  • Praise God even in the hardship
  • When words fail us there are other ways to express our feelings {sing, cry, commune with nature}
  • The Lord is moving the pieces into place
  • The Lord is teaching us patience
  • The Lord is teaching us to trust Him
  • The Lord is growing our faith
  • God wants us to speak and cry out to him in the hardship
  • The Lord hasn’t forgotten us
  • This hardship and pain will turn into our greatest testimony

Psalm 27:14 says “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

In time the waiting will be over and a new chapter will begin.  However, oftentimes those new chapters are very different than the way we imagined.

How do you wait on the Lord?

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