Fitbit Keeps Me On Track

Losing weight is not easy.  A lot of the process means having the mindset to live a healthy lifestyle.

I have to admit I have not always had that mindset, but I am striving daily to have this mindset.

One thing I’ve discovered that helps me is my Fitbit. My Fitbit keeps me on track.

There are benefits to wearing the Fitbit

There are benefits to wearing the Fitbit

The Fitbit is worn on the wrist, the way a watch is worn.  However, there are other versions available to wear on your hip.

The Fitbit records the number of steps made.  The device is very easy to set up and charge. My device only needs to be recharged every 6-7 days, which only takes a few hours.

By wearing the Fitbit I am surprised at times by the steps I record.  At other times I realize I’m not producing the steps I need and push myself to increase my activity.

I am able to connect my Fitbit app and MyFitnessPal together.

My Fitbit even records my sleep and tells me not only how much sleep I received, but how many times I was awake and restless.

While, I love my Fitbit and the help it provides, there are times when the device is not always correct.  Usually, this is in recording my step patterns {especially considering I push a lot of wheelchairs at work}.

Overall, if you are looking for a step counter that is sleek, reliable and motivating I would definitely recommend the Fitbit.  There are several styles to choose from.

Do you use a Fitbit?  What do you like or dislike about it?

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