Rebel to Redeemed: Finding Healing

I tried to handle things myself after the end of my marriage to Sean* and realized this was not a wise decision.  Instead of dealing with what I felt, I suppressed it and became angry and difficult.healing

After the intensity of the situation with Duncan*, I knew I could not handle the situation on my own.  I sought out counseling and was blessed to find just what I needed.  I attended private counseling sessions and group counseling sessions.  Through the church I was even able to become involved with Divorce Care and Celebrate Recovery.

Healing took time, but I continued seeking the help I needed.  Even after all of the other sessions ended, I continued with the private counseling for over two years.

This wasn’t always easy, I was pulling back layers of pains and wounds that I often did not want to deal with.  There were even times I grew frustrated in how long the healing process took.  I wanted to move on to other things and felt stuck in this time and pattern.

However, all of this was necessary for me to receive the healing necessary.  Very slowly and painfully, over the years, I began to discover the person that had been buried behind the layers of hurt, pain and loneliness for so many years.


*Names changed

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