Book Review: Far Side of the Sea

During World War I, Lt. Colin Mabry receives a message from a woman who saved his life and he believed dead. When he arrived in war-torn France, instead of finding the woman he expected {Jewel}, he met someone claiming to be her half-sister, Johanna.

Colin and Johanna set out to find Jewel, amidst intrigue, mystery and war. They travel throughout France and Spain, unsure of who to trust while they are tested and thrust into danger.  They wonder if they will ever find the answers they seek.

Far Side of the Sea is very well written and I kept turning the pages wanting to know what would happen next.  The book is also well researched and takes you on an adventure through the Great War in Europe.  I enjoyed journeying with Colin and Johanna on their adventure.  I highly recommend this book.

Kate Breslin is an amazing writer. She brings you into the story and your really grow to care about the characters and their plight. I will be checking out more of her books.

**I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review

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