Expand Your Horizons

I spent an inspiring weekend at The Cove.

It was a time of learning, growth and fellowship. I attended the Christian Devotions Boot Camp to enhance my craft.

A workshop is a great place to learn a new skill and make friends

Regardless of our interest, craft, hobby or career we need to constantly be learning and growing. As a musician I spent years taking private lessons, studying and practicing my craft. As a genealogist, speaker and writer I’ve attended workshops and conferences to learn more and grow. I have always come away feeling enriched, rewarded and better equipped to face the next step.

So what is your interest? What would you like to learn?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of learning a new skill:

1. Make new friends—you will make a ton of friends at these events to stay in touch with.

2. Attend workshops and conferences—you can ask professionals, get advice and take classes. You also have the opportunity to purchase and receive materials that will help you grow and continue to learn.

3. Attend craft fairs or society meetings—fellowship with like minded people to share tips and advice on your interest/hobby.

4. Practice your craft—a hands on approach with constructive feedback to work on your craft or hobby.

5. Growth and expansion—to grow and expand in not only your craft and knowledge, but to learn more about various people and interest.

6. Collection—as a collector you can find other like minded people to swap duplicates or purchase more product to add to your collection.

7. Private lessons—you can get help one on one; please make sure you PRACTICE your craft.

8. Additional income opportunities—with an unstable economy, the more skilled you are in an area, the easier it is to turn it into additional revenues of income and start your own home business.

9. Validation of God’s calling on your life—if you’re taking your life or career in a new direction.

10. Share your knowledge—as you get proficient you can teach others.

11. Exercise—it might sound strange, but it’s amazing the exercise you get at conferences and workshops. Some hobbies also provide exercise. There are times when I spend hours walking cemeteries.

12. Have fun—it’s a chance to enjoy something you like/love; it’s also a time to temporarily get away from your every day concerns and just enjoy yourself

It doesn’t matter what your interest, you can gain all of these benefits. Whether your interest is music, sports, a craft, hobby, or as a collector the opportunities are endless and you will be expanding your horizons.

In what ways can you grow? Is there a new direction you want to move in? Is there an area you’re knowledgeable in and can teach others?

Fellowship to grow, learn and expand your knowledge

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