Crawling out of the Black Hole of Despair

There are times when we are hurting when we feel as if we’ve climbed into a black hole of despair we cannot climb out of.
Our present circumstances have overtaken us and we feel caught and stuck. No matter where we turn, there seems no way to climb out from this abyss.
I have personally been there on more than occasion and it is very frustrating and overwhelming.
So, how do we even begin to find the light of hope once again?

  1. Pray—take the time to pray and seek the Lord’s will
  2. Reflect—ponder all that has happened to get you to this point. What could you have done differently? How could you have reacted differently?
  3. Sit quietly—this is the hardest to do, but sometimes we just need time to soak in all that has happened and rest in the present. We should not stay here indefinably, but there are times we just need time to rest and think.
  4. Meditate—stay in the scriptures and seek the Lord’s wisdom
  5. Think—decide where you want to go from here and how you want to go about reaching that goal. What obstacles are standing in your way?
  6. Plan—begin to plan your steps to take and how you are going to reach your goal. At first that goal may just be to make it to the next day or week, but in time that goal will expand. Just be sure to leave room for the Lord to work.
  7. Pray and Praise—continue to pray and seek the Lord’s will and praise Him for what He has already done and will do in the future

Although we are hurting and feel as if we are in a black hole, there is hope. We know that this too shall pass and we we experience bright days once again.

“For you are my hope, Lord GOD, my security since I was young. I depended on you since birth, when you brought me from my mother’s womb; I praise you continuously.” Psalm 71:5-6

The Lord is our hope and He will not leave us, if we believe in Him on call on Him to help us. He is our only hope to pull out of the black hole of despair.

Do you call on the Lord through your pain? Do you praise the Lord in your pain?

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