Couples in the Bible: Abraham and Sarah

Abram is ten generations from Noah. He is one of three sons to Terah and lived in Ur of the Chaldees. Abram married Sarai, his half-sister through his father. {Genesis 20:12}

The Lord told Abram to go to the land he would show him and that he would make him a great nation. At this time Abram and Sarai had no children and were accompanied by their nephew, Lot. Abram was seventy-five when they began their journey. {Genesis 12:1-9}

They went to Egypt and Abram told his wife, to say she was his sister, because he was afraid he would be killed if they knew she was his wife. However, Pharaoh and his household suffered great plagues until Abram admitted the truth. {Genesis 12:10-20}

Abram and Lot separate and each go their own way, but then Abram has to rescue Lott. {Genesis 13-14}

God again makes a covenant with Abram that he will have his own son and more descendants than stars in the sky. {Genesis 15}

Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham to bear children

Sarai grew tired of waiting and gave her servant, Hagar, to her husband. They would go on to have a son, Ishmael. {Genesis 16}

Thirty years pass and the Lord returns to make a covenant with Abram and tells him to circumcise all of the men. He also changes Abram’s name to Abraham and tells him “you will be a father of many nations”. Sarai’s name is changed to Sarah and the Lord promises she will have a son, who shall be named Isaac. {Genesis 17}

Three messengers arrive and foretell that in a year, Sarah will have a son. Sarah laughs when she hears this—thinking it is impossible. {Genesis 18:1-21}

Abraham and Sarah journey to the territory of Negeb and again Abraham told the king that Sarah was his sister. The Lord appeared to the king in a dream and he was afraid and returned Sarah to Abraham. Abimelech told Abraham he could live wherever it pleases him. {Genesis 20}

The Lord blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son

Sarah gave birth to a son, named Isaac, which means laughter. A rivalry and resentment rise between Sarah and Hagar to the point Hagar and Ishmael are sent away. {Genesis 21}

The Lord test Abraham when Isaac is older and tells him to sacrifice his son but Abraham tells the boy that God will provide the sacrifice. As Abraham raises his hand to provide the sacrifice, the Lord tells him to stop and provides a ram caught in the thicket. The Lord promises to bless Abraham for his faith. {Genesis 22}

Sarah died at the age of 127 and Abraham buried her in the cave in Machpelah. {Genesis 23} Abraham married Keturah, who gave him six sons. Abraham died at 175 and was buried in the cave in Machpelah by his sons, Ishmael and Isaac. {Genesis 25}

So what can we learn from Abraham and Sarah?

  1. They had to wait 25 years for the promised son
  2. They were obedient to the Lord when he told them to leave their homeland
  3. Sarah tried to take matters into her own hand by giving Hagar to Abraham
  4. Sarah became resentful of Hagar and her son
  5. God continued to bless and protect Abraham and Sarah
  6. God kept his promises
  7. God tested Abraham with Isaac
  8. Abraham remained faithful to the Lord

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