Christmas is About Family

Be prepared and enjoy the time with family

Be prepared and enjoy the time with family

Christmas brings it’s own temptations with parties, family gatherings and celebrations.Snowman family

However, the most important thing to remember is that Christmas is about family.

Yes, we should make healthy choices during the holidays.  We don’t want to completely blow our diet.

However, Christmas is the time to focus on our family and enjoy the time together.  We can resolve not to over indulge, but if we do then we’ll just get back on focus at our next meal.

While Christmas is about family, let’s remember our most important family of all.

[box] The family of God.[/box]

Jesus birth is the entire reason we celebrate Christmas.   Take time to give him the honor and glory he deserves.

How do you celebrate your time with family?  How do you include Jesus in your celebration?

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