Chesapeake Shores TV Series Review


Having watched the other Hallmark series of When Calls the Heart {I grew up reading

The Hallmark Channel offers family entertainment

The Hallmark Channel offers family entertainment and quality shows

Jeanette Oke’s series}, Cedar Cove and The Good Witch, I had an idea of what to expect in each particular series.  After all I had read ALL of the books in the series {or seen the movies in the case of The Good Witch}. {Note: As a Debbie Macomber fan I miss watching Cedar Cove on Hallmark, which the channel cancelled.}

However, when Chesapeake Shores premiered I had no idea what to expect.  I had not read

First novel in the Chesapeake Shores series by Sherryl Woods

First novel in the Chesapeake Shores series by Sherryl Woods

the books by Sherryl Woods on which the television series is based.

The first few episodes I felt uncertain and confused, as I tried to figure out who each of the characters were and more about their story and personality.  As the season has continued the characters have grown on me and I find myself looking forward to discovering what happens next.

The series centers around the O’Brien family who live in Chesapeake Shores, Maryland.  Mick and Megan O’Brien are the divorced parents of a large brood of children returning home for various reasons. Mick’s mother, Nell, has helped her son with the children after his wife left them.  However, Megan often finds a reason to return to Chesapeake Shores, making one wonder what the future holds for this couple.

Their children are:

  1. Abby—a divorcee, returning with her two daughters. She fights her ex-husband for custody and in the last episode more tension built as her place of employment
    Chesapeake Shores is now airing on the Hallmark Channel

    Chesapeake Shores is now airing on the Hallmark Channel

    falls under investigation.  Abby reconnects with Trace Riley, her high school boyfriend.  The two strike up a friendship and the viewer wonders how long before that friendship grows deeper.  Although Trace’s ex-girlfriend and fellow musician, Leigh Corley, may give her a run for her money.

  2. Bree—is a struggling playwright who returns home due to their grandmother’s illness.
  3. Kevin—has just returned from being wounded in service. His fiancée {whom the family knew nothing about} also showed up and has not endeared herself to the family.
  4. Conner—just finished law school and took the bar. While taking the exam he hits it off with a fellow examee.
  5. Jess—is struggling to save an old inn she bought and is struggling to transform into a bed and breakfast


Cast of Chesapeake Shores

Cast of Chesapeake Shores

Some of the actors bringing these characters are well known while others are new.  If you’re a fan of Hallmark you will recognize Barbara Niven {Back to You and Me, Cedar Cove and Murder She Baked} who portrays Megan, the mother of the five O’Brien children.  Diane Ladd is the wise grandmother and Treat Williams plays her son, the father to the O’Brien children.  Meghan Ory {Her Sister’s Keeper, Once Upon a Time, The Memory Book and Dashing Through the Snow} plays Abby who is has reconnected with Trace Riley, played by Jesse Metcalfe {John Tucker Must Die, God’s Not Dead 2, Passions, and the updated Dallas}.  However, I’m enjoying the way each is portraying their character.

I’m glad I’ve given Chesapeake Shores a chance and look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of these characters and watch their stories unfold.  I also look forward to reading the books on which this series is based.

What do you think of Chesapeake Shores?

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