Changing Self Talk

“You’re stupid,” crept into my mind.  For years this was the soundtrack that continuously played in my head.

We all have a soundtrack playing in our head

We all have a soundtrack playing in our head

“No you’re not.  You just made a simple mistake,” I said.

“Wow, I am changing,” I thought.

I wasn’t sure how to change my self-talk for a long time.  Slowly, I began repeating acclimations and positive reinforcements.  I wondered if it was doing any good because I could tell a difference.

This continued for years and I wondered if the negative self-talk would ever debate.  Finally, after all of this time I was seeing the change.

I knew I couldn’t take all of the credit.  I went through all of the exercises, but the greatest change came from God.  He was changing me in ways I could never change myself.

Photos Courtesy of MorgueFile

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