Book Review: The Broken Road by Richard Paul Evans

Richard Paul Evans is well known for his Christmas books, but he is also a superb author of The Walk series.  He recently published the first book in a new series, The Broken Road.

The Broken Road by Richard Paul Evans

According to the Prologue and Epilogue, the series is loosely inspired by a true story.

The Broken Road begins the story of Charles James.  Charles has everything a person could ever ask for when it comes to financial needs.  Yet, he has sacrificed much for the success he has garnered.

When we meet Charles James he is at the top of his game but he is unhappy, lonely and haunted.  When he discovers that one of his clients has committed suicide and his former mentor is dying of cancer, he begins to question everything.

Evans seamlessly weaves the present in with memories of the past, as we discover more about Charles James life, the decisions he has made and all that he has sacrificed.

But, will the dreams he keeps having ever stop and give him peace?

The ending leaves you with a huge cliffhanger and asking yourself what would I do in this situation.

Once again Richard Paul Evans has a best seller on his hands.  Evans leaves you with much to think about and consider as you delve deeper into Charles James story.

Richard Paul Evans

The book is so engrossing that I read it in a little over a day.  I could not put it down.

Richard Paul Evans leaves you comparing and contrasting your own life and decisions with those of Charles James.

My only complaint is that I have to wait a year until the sequel, The Forgotten Road, is published.

I highly recommend The Broken Road for anyone that is a fan of Richard Paul Evans, contemporary fiction or a thought provoking story.



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