In the Struggle: Breaking To Learn

Often God has to break us to teach us a lesson.   Sometimes this takes multiple lessons before we learn the point.

Lessons are never easy and usually not fun to learn in life.   Most times they come with some sort of pain and loss.

Sometimes we have to be broken for new life to form

Sometimes we have to be broken for new life to form

One area in which I’ve had to learn lessons over and over is with finances.

Through several bouts of unemployment I’ve learned how to live with the absolute bare minimum, scrimp and save for the absolute necessities and determine how essential certain items really are.   I’ve also learned that God is faithful and He will provide.  Not always necessarily the way I wanted or hoped for, but even then He has a reason for the way He does things.

Often life lessons are to teach us to grow in our faith and put absolute trust in God.  When we have nowhere else to turn we can always turn to God.   That’s exactly what He wants.  This is much easier to do in the tough times, but even in the good times He wants us to continue to keep our eyes on Him and not turn away.

The lessons we learn in the rough times, we are supposed to implement and build upon in the good times.

What lessons have you had to learn over and over?

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