Biblical 12 days of Christmas

1.       On the first day of Christmas an Angel appears to Mary with the most unexpected news of all                                                              {Luke 1:26-38}

2.       On the second day of Christmas Mary travels to visit Elizabeth and the babe within her leapt                                                   {Luke 1:39-45}

3.       On the third day of Christmas an angel gives Joseph a vision to keep Mary as his own                                                                     {Mathew 1:18-25}

4.       On the fourth day of Christmas a Journey to Bethlehem for a babe to be born                                                                                   {Luke 2:1-6}

5.       On the fifth day of Christmas Joseph searches for shelter over their heads                                                                                         {Luke 2:7}

6.       On the sixth day of Christmas angels pronounce the news of the Messiah’s birth                                                                              {Luke 2:8-14}

7.       On the seventh day of Christmas shepherds arrive to find a babe in a manger trough                                                                        {Luke 2:15-20}

8.       On the eighth day of Christmas a journey to the temple as Simeon foretells of events to come                                                           {Luke 2:21-35}

9.       On the nineth day of Christmas Anna gave thanks for the redemption that she saw                                                                           {Luke 2:36-40}

10.   On the tenth day of Christmas Wise Men travel a long way inquiring about the star                                                                           {Matthew 2:1-8}

11.   On the eleventh day of Christmas Wise men bow to worship the child with gifts in hand                                                                   {Matthew 2:9-12}

12.   On the twelfth day of Christmas Joseph flees with his family escaping a madman for the glory of God to be revealed                                {Matthew 2: 13-23}

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