Being Honest with Ourselves

In time I was able to forgive my abuser, but forgiving myself wasn’t as easy.
I had to dig deep and really ask myself some tough questions.
I had to be honest with myself about the red flags I ignored and why.
I had to figure out what the initial attraction was and why I stayed.
I had to admit to my role in the relationship.
I had to search for the ways in which I changed.
I had to determine the insecurities on which he preyed.
Forgiving ourselves isn’t easy and there are times when the enemy still wants to attack.
But as I sought the answers to these questions, I also realized something. I can use this in the future.
I will recognize red flags and be able to walk away.
I will recognize the attraction and determine why I am staying or walking away in the beginning.
I will recognize my role in a relationship and recognize patterns that are repeating themselves.
I will recognize how I have changed as a person and how a relationship has changed me.
I will work on the insecurities so others cannot prey upon them and turn them into a strength.
Being a victim isn’t easy, but we don’t have to be victims. We are survivors and are much stronger than we ever realized.
We can turn our pain and hurt into something positive.
The first two steps are, to be honest with ourselves and to learn to forgive ourselves.
We are told, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” {1 John 1:9}
Have you been able to forgive yourself?

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