Hymn Story: Art Thou Weary?

Stephen was a Greek monk who lived during the 8th Century in the monastery of Mar Sabas in the wilderness of Judea.  Eventually he became the abbot of this monastery, where he remained until his death at the age of 90.

He wrote a poem a variety of hymns in Greek and Latin throughout his lifetime.  During this time where he asserted “God’s blessing upon all who respond to Him in simple faith”.

John M. Nealed, was an English clergyman who lived during the 19th Century.  He discovered the writings of Stephen the Sabaite and translated the ancient Greek and Latin hymns into English.

He paraphrased Stephen’s writings and published Art Thou Weary? in his 1862 edition of Hymns of the Eastern Church.

Each line opens with a question, followed by God’s assurance of faithfulness in the second line.

Art Thou Weary? was a favorite hymn of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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