A Mother’s Day Poem


If I’ve not told you….

A Mother's Love begins from the beginning

A Mother’s Love begins from the beginning

…thank you for giving me life

…thank you for loving me {even when I don’t deserve it}

…thank you for laughter

…thank you for training me in the way I should go

…thank you for teaching me right from wrong

…thank you for making sure I saw ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

…thank you for checking my appearance

…thank you for wiping the chocolate off my face

…thank you for kissing my booboo

There is nothing to match a Mother's love

There is nothing to match a Mother’s love

…thank you for the Chicken Soup when I’m sick

…thank you for listening to me and always being there

…thank you for stopping your day to play with me for a while

…thank you for giving me guidance and direction along the way

…thank you for staying up all night and praying

…thank you for giving me a warm bed and a roof over my head

…thank you for tucking me in at night and reading to me

…thank you for teaching me so many little things

Thank a mother today!

Thank a mother today!

…thank you for the food that fills my tummy

…thank you for the warm clothes that keep me comfy

…thank you for providing in so many small ways

…thank you for always being there

…thank you for taking me to church every week

…thank you for a family so warm and sweet  {and probably a little crazy too}

But most of all….

…thank you for teaching me about Jesus and his love


                                                                                                                By Diana Leagh Matthews


©Diana Leagh Matthews

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