Wellness Tuesday: 9 Ways to Eat Fruits and Vegetables You Don’t Like

We’ve been discussing fruits and vegetables the last few weeks.

However, how can you get them in when you don’t like fruits and vegetables?

Some ideas include?

Soup is a great way to get in veggies

Soup is a great way to get in veggies

  1. Include them in soups, casseroles and breads that are made
  2. Juicing
  3. Add to foods you like
  4. Add a little seasoning to help with taste
  5. Add to dishes you love
  6. Disguise in a meal {grate carrots or zucchini; mash white beans in meatloaf, add vegetables to pasta sauce}
  7. Experiment with different types and styles of cooking. Just because we don’t like something one way doesn’t mean we may not like it prepared a completely different way.
  8. Mix them up. In time you will probably acquire a taste for some of these.
  9. Don’t be afraid to be creative with cooking and trying new foods and dishes.

How do you get in fruits and vegetables you don’t like?

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