Wellness Tuesday: 9 Breakfast Foods to Cook in Advance

We’ve been discussing breakfast this month.  We’ve talked about how to prepare ahead of time, quick and easy foods to eat and the importance of breakfast.

So what are foods you can cook over the weekend for the coming week?

Breakfast Casserole is one option to cook in advance

Breakfast Casserole is one option to cook in advance

  1. Frittatas or Quinoa Cups—I like to make these in the muffin pans, but I’ve also seen some in Pizza form. You can play around with vegetables for different taste or to determine what you like.
  2. Breads—these are also endless such as Banana Nut Bread, Zucchini Bread, Raisin Nut Bread, etc.
  3. No Bake Energy Bars or Balls—Banana Nut energy bar and Almond Butter Energy Balls are a few suggestions
  4. Cereal Bars
  5. Breakfast Casserole
  6. Greek Yogurt Granola Bars
  7. Oatmeal Squares
  8. Healthy Muffins or Scones—use whole grains and fruits, such as raisins or blueberries
  9. Breakfast sandwiches—make these ahead with whole wheat muffins or toast and egg and cheese. Then store in the freezer or refrigerator until ready for use.

These are a few ideas and the possibilities are endless with fruits and vegetables, depending on personal taste.

Healthy recipes should be easy to find online.

What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes?

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