7 Benefits of a Walking Partner

Last night I went walking with a friend.  While we would like to walk on a more regular basis, coordinating our schedules have made this difficult at times.

However, I’ve discovered that a walking partner is a great motivation for accountability.  You have to show up when you say you are going to show up and you have to walk.

So what benefits are there from having a walking partner?couple on the beach

  1. Accountability—as I already mentioned
  2. Companionship—this fights the boredom and give you an opportunity to catch up
  3. Motivation—when walking you push yourself to walk farther and/or faster than you may if you are by yourself
  4. Changes of scenery—find a new neighborhood or park to meet at for a change of scenery
  5. Harder to find excuses—when a friend is waiting for you it is harder to find an excuse not to meet.
  6. Time with family or friends—maybe your schedules are so hectic this is the only time you have together
  7. Overcome laziness—we all have lazy days when it is hard to get motivated. Having someone to meet keeps us accountable and gets us from in front of the TV or computer.

There are numerous people we can walk with such as friends, small groups {such as a weight loss group or church group}, neighbors, parents, spouse, children, dogs {if you are a dog owner} or even finding a walking club to join.

Who do you walk with?

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