Wellness Tuesday–5 Ways to Deal with Setbacks

overcoming setbacksLast week I talked about changing deeply ingrained thoughts and I mentioned the continuous setbacks I face.

I’ve discovered if I struggle with something, I’m going to have setbacks.

Here are a few ways I’ve dealt with setbacks:

Accept Responsibility—accept my part in this setback, determine why and move forward from there.

                Bounce Back—there are times when this has been easier than others.  Sometimes it’s been a day or week before I bounce obstacle determinationback and other times it has been months.  However the more I continue to bounce back and not give up the  easier it becomes.

Assessment—often I need to access the situation and why did I have this setbacks.  I know that getting off from my routine is a big factor.  Sometimes {such as when we have company or go out of town} this can’t be prevented, but if I can mentally prepare my mind to start back on Monday I seem to do better.

Stay Accountable—when I have an accountability partner to talk with, share and encourage me I do so much better than when I’m trying to do it all by myself.

Set Goals—I do better when I set goals.  However, I also have a tendency to take on too much at a time.  If I set small goals goalsand build on them I do better than when I set larger goals and feel overwhelmed.  Sometimes I just need to get started.

How do you deal with setbacks?  How do you bounce back?

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