Wellness Tuesday: 5 Cases Studies on the Effect of Wellness

I’ve written previously about the effects of being overweight.  However, I want to share some real life examples.

Overeating and little exercise led to bad health

Overeating and little exercise led to bad health

Randy* has been overweight all of his life.  He’s done as little physical exercise as possible and ate whatever he wanted.  Now in his mid-50’s, he has had a heart attack, is unable to walk, sleeps in a recliner, takes a shot for diabetes and is unable to work.

Brian* is 40 and has diabetes.  He has lost 100 pounds, but is still 75 pounds overweight.   He has also had a heart attack and is now struggling with the early signs of neuropathy.  He is on disability.

Miles* and Gina* are brother and sister and have struggled with their weight for years.  Both have numerous health issues and are mobile only with the use of a wheelchair.

After years of not caring for their health, all of these are immobile in various ways and have numerous other health issues.  These health issues have left them unable to work and care for themselves.

Good health bad health

The choice is up to each of us

Seeing these cases firsthand, have served as a motivation to help me realize I do not want to live this way, if I can possibly help it.  I can do something about it, I can get my weight under control, exercise and change my eating habits.

I’d like to show a more positive example.  Tammy* was a physical education teacher.   She enjoyed food, but stopped when she was full and made healthier chooses.  At the age of 92, after 25 years of fighting Alzheimer’s, Tammy was still very strong.  Just two days before she died, she was strong enough to fight caregivers in caring for her needs.  It took 4 caregivers to hold her down and give her the care she needed.

How do you believe health, exercise and dietary habits effected these 5 case studies?

*Names changed

I want to make the necessary changes for good health

I want to make the necessary changes for good health

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