Wellness Tuesday: 12 More Healthy Snack Options






I discussed some healthy snack options a few weeks ago, but what are some other healthy snack options we can choose from?   I find that I need variety and don’t want to eat the same foods all the time.

  1. Applesfruit plate
  2. Cherry tomatoes with goat cheese
  3. Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Kebobs
  4. Cinnamon Nut Oatmeal
  5. Boiled or steamed soybeans
  6. Banana oatmeal walnut cookies
  7. Frozen banana
  8. Blueberries dunked in Greek yogurt
  9. Watermelon and Pistachios
  10. Hummus
  11. 8 shrimp and 2 tbsp cocktail sauce
  12. Light String Cheese snacks

What are your favorite snacks?

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