Behind the Song: There is a Redeemer


There is a Redeemer was written by Melody Green in 1977.

Keith and Melody Green

Melody had grown up in the Jewish faith of her forefathers, who survived persecution in tsarist Russia.

Today Melody says, “My family history has played a large part in shaping my heart to absolutely disdain all types of persecution, prejudice, and injustice. Some things are just wrong. My spirit told me this long before I even met the Lord.”

Growing up in Hollywood, she spent much time on the beach and saw the glory of God in the shifting sand, moving waves and glorious sunsets.

By her 20s, she was seeking something more and experimented with Buddhism and drugs in her search for fulfillment.

She met Keith Green while working as a clothing designer in 1972 and they drifted together seeking answers, before finally coming to Christ in 1975, during a bible study.

The couple than began an outreach to unwed teenage mothers, the drug cultures and others seeking. This ministry is called Last Days Ministry {LDM}.

In 1979, they relocated to East Texas. She continued to travel with Keith for his concerts and to write music together.

These words inspired her to pen the words to There is a Redeemer. Her husband, Keith, wrote the third verse, unaware of the tragic end he would soon suffer.

The praise and worship song was popularized by her husband, the well known gospel singer, Keith Green.

The song first appeared on his 1982 album, Songs for the Shepherd, which was the last album he released before his tragic death in a plane crash on July 28, 1982 at the age of twenty-eight. Two of his children, Josiah, 4, and Bethany, 2, were also with him and perished.

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross

Melody Green was left with a one year old and expecting their fourth child at the time of

the tragic accident.

The song has been covered by numerous artists including Selah, Kathy Troccoli, Matthew Ward, Kelly Willard and Kathryn Sarah Scott.

The song has been published in more than twenty hymnals and is considered a classic.

Melody Green still continues to run their ministry and carry out Christ to others through her ministry LDM.


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