The Apostles: Titus

Titus was a companion to Paul and mentioned in the Epistle of Titus.

Titus is believed to have been Greek, and a Gentile, from Antioch. The name Titus means pleasing.

He served as Paul’s secretary and interpreter and may have even been converted by Paul. Early Church tradition states when Paul came to the Island of Crete to preach, he ordained a disciple, Titus, as Bishop of Crete. This was because Paul was needed elsewhere and he left Titus to finish what he started.

Paul sent Titus from Ephesus to Corinth to deliver the “Severe Letter” to the church there. 2 Corinthians 7:8 mentions the letter although it is now lost.

He then went on and met Paul in Macedonia, and later returned to Corinth with what we now know as 2 Corinthians.

Titus is considered a “troubleshooter, peacemaker, administrator, and missionary.”

Titus is the patron saint of the United States Army Chaplain Corps.

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