The Apostles: Barnabas

Barnabas accompanied Paul on his earlier missionary journey’s.

The name Barnabas means son of encouragement or son of consolation. According to Acts 4:36 his other name was Joseph and he was a Jew from the Levite clan and originated from Cyprus.

Paul and Barnabas

We are told a little about his character in the scriptures.

“He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.”  {Acts 11:24}

Apparently it is Barnabas who introduces a newly converted Saul to the disciples. {Acts 9:27}

Acts 11 tells us that Barnabas went to Antioch to preach, but found the work so extensive and weighty that he went in search of Saul. Scholars believe they had been fellow students together.

The two took a second journey together, before disagreeing about taking Barnabas cousin, John Mark, with them on the third journey. The men went their separate ways, but considering Paul mentions him in some of his writings, it’s believed they made up.

Historical Church tradition states he died as a martyr in Cyprus.

In the Catholic church St. Barnabas is venerated as the patron saint of Cyprus.

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