Hall of Faith: The Shunammite Woman, Acted in Faith

In the Hall of Faith are mentioned the women received their dead by a resurrection. Last

for their hospitality Elisha wanted to bless the couple

week we took a look at the widow of Zarephath. The prophet Elijah was used by God to provide food in the time of famine and raise her son from the dead.

In 2 Kings 4, we find a second account of a child being raised from the dead by Elijah’s protege, Elisha. The account is very similar to that of the widow of Zarephath. Both Elijah and Elisha perform a miracle of raising the son from the dead. However, one mother expresses anger and the other extreme faith.

Elisha becomes friends with a couple from Shulem. Shulem is described as being lcated in the tribe of Issachar, near the Jezreel Valley and south of Mount Gilboa. The ancient Shulem is believed to today be the modern day town of Sulam in Israel.

Elisha visited a couple in Shunem

Every time Elisha is in the area, he stops to break bread with the couple. The couple even sets up a chamber room for Elisha whenever he is in the area. {v.10}

He ask the woman what he can do for her to return his thanks. She states that she has no son and her husband is old. {v. 14} Elisha promises that she will have a son this time next year.

The woman had a son and he grew up into a young man. The son died and his mother laid him out on his bed.

Returning from her dead son’s room, she says “it shall be well” {v. 23}. She called for a

the woman begged for the life of her son…her faith did not waiver that Elisha would restore her son to her

donkey and ran to find Elisha.

Upon seeing Elisha, she falls down and catches his feet. She cries out, “Did I desire a son of my lord? did I not say, Do not deceive me?”

Elisha hands his staff to his servant, Gehazi, and tells him to stop nor greet anyone but go directly to the woman’s house. Gehazi laid the staff over the child, while Elisha escorted the grieving mother back. However, the child does not awaken.

Elisha prayed over the child


When Elisha arrived, he went in to the child and prayed to God for healing. He stretched himself over the child twice and the child returned to life, sneezing seven times.

Elisha told the woman to take her son. “Then she went in, and fell at his feet, and bowed herself to the ground; and she took up her son, and went out.” {v. 37}


So, what can we learn from the Shunammite woman?

1. She had a generous heart

2. She longs to be a mother

He was restored to life

3. She believes what Elisha tells her

4. She has faith Elisha will heal her son

5. She acts in faith

6. She sees a miracle first hand

7. She expressed thankfulness

When her son died, the Shunammite woman acted in faith and ran to find Elisha. She knew he would heal her son. She never doubted he would help her.

How have you acted in faith?

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