Armor of God Series: Shod feet with preparation of gospel of peace

After we put on the breastplate of righteousness, the next piece of armour is to shod our feel with preparation of gospel of peace.

Do you prepare to share the gospel?

In other words, the apostle says, as shoes for your feet put on whatever will make you ready to proclaim the gospel of peace.
Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible tells us that the sandals of the Roman soldier “often were fitted with nails, or armed with spikes, to make the hold firm in the ground.”

Our commentary the Ephesian Studies explains our feet which have to stand, “firm on the rock, and strong in Christ,” in, with, the

We have to stand firm in the word of God as believers

equipment of the Gospel of His  peace, “peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,” and the resultant “peace of God” in heart and thought, embraced and enjoyed for yourselves, as your feet thus feel certainty and security beneath them.

We may not think of shoes as being exciting, but the Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary describes their importance by saying “The military successes both of Alexander the Great and of Julius Caesar were due in large measure to their armies being well shod and thus able to undertake long marches at incredible speed over rough terrain.”

Do you wear Sandals of peace?

By being prepared, we are ready to share the gospel of peace.  The call of the Christian Church is to spread God’s peace to the world.

By putting on our shoes, God is giving us our marching orders.  He said “Go forth and ——

How do you spread the gospel of peace?

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