Hymn Story: No, Not One

Johnson Oatman, Jr. was an lifelong insurance agent, while also serving as an ordained Methodist minister.

Johnson Oatman

No, Not One is a repetitive phrase used throughout the song to remind us that Jesus came to be our friend and to save us and there is no one else like Him. 

Oatman is also known for his hymns Higher Ground and Count Your Blessings.

Oatman, born in 1856, learned to love music at his father’s feet. His father was an excellent singer who shared his love of music. He and his father ran a mercantile business, Johnson Oatman & Son, in Lumberton, new Jersey.  Upon the elder man’s death, his son entered the life insurance business. He wrote over three thousand songs throughout his life. He and his wife, Wilhelmenia, had three children and resided in Lumberton, New Jersey. He died in 1922.

George C. Hugg provided the melody for this hymn.  He served as a lay musician and choir director in various Philadelphia churches. He wrote and published many songs for Sunday School over the years.

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