Life Coaching Fees

Life Coaching Fees

Free 10 min consultation

No pressure, no obligation consultation


Monthly Options:


Unlimited email/no phone calls                                        $37



3 months special:  {Save by Buying in Bulk}


Unlimited email/no phone calls                                         $97


Add Phone calls or Skype:

$77 for 50 min

$57 for 30 min

{These two options are valid for one call within 90 days of payment.  Leagh is primarily available in the evenings and on weekends.}


Monthly check ins for one yearOnly Available AFTER minimum of 3 months of Counseling

$320 for the next year {savings of 15% per month}


This is a maintenance check-in for those that still need accountability but may not need as much coaching.

To sign up and pay for a coaching session go to Leagh’s store


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