For Christmas, I thought I would share a poem about Joseph, Jesus earthly father, that I wrote several years ago.



There is so little that we know about you

Joseph worked hard with his hands

Just that you were a simple carpenter

Taking a young wife

To make a life of you own


Then she surprised you with the news of a babe

How shocked you must have been

It was before you’d made her your own

How could she have deceived you so


The thoughts of having her shamed

Joseph the earthly father of Jesus

When the angel appeared

Telling you this was God’s son

You had been chosen, just as much as your betrothed


The responsibility on your shoulders to provide for him

Teaching him about his heavenly father, or maybe learning instead

Keeping him safe from a frightened king

Sharing your craft and heart with him

Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus


Then you just disappear

As we wonder where you went

What your life must have been like

To be the earthly father of the KING





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