Behind the Song: I Choose

On Tuesday, I shared how this song had impacted my weight loss journey.

I first heard this song several years ago in a church service.  I was working my way through a very difficult time in my life.  This song spoke to me and I realized I HAVE to sing this song.

I remember sitting in my seat with tears in my eyes, because I was hurting.  There was so much I didn’t understand {and still don’t at times} but I knew that I Choose to trust God.  He understood and He knew best, even when I didn’t and don’t.

The song was recorded and released by Ivan Parker and released on his album, “That was Then, This is Now.”I Choose

According to an interview Ivan Parker gave, the song almost did not make it on the album.  He was finishing up the album when he received a call from songwriter Rodney Griffin.

Parker was due in the studio that week to record his album and Griffin asked if he had time for one more song.

Griffin overnighted the song to Parker.  Parker says that when he listened to the song, I just sat there and I cried because the message in the song is something that we all identify with. Everyday that we wake up [we] choose that day if we are going to trust God. Through the trials, through the living in the fast lane like a lot of us do, we have to really trust God. This song just really ministered to me.”

Parker knew he had to put this song on his album, and scratched another song that was planned.  He says, “I just felt in my heart that there are some people out there that needed to hear this message.”

Ivan Parker continues to minister and bless others with the message in this song.

There are situations in my life, I don’t understand but I Choose to trust God.  I Choose to believe that He is faithful.

What do you choose?

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