The Armor of God Series: Gird loins with truth

We’ve been discussing the Armour of the Lord.  We looked at what the whole armor of the Lord and to be strong in the Lord stands for.

God’s truth is antidote of deception

However, what does it mean to gird loins with truth?

Verse 12 says, “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood”.  We cannot see what we are struggling with.

It goes on to say, “but against rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”

Do you gird your loins?

A Commentary on Ephesians explains “The significance of the terms used here, the context, and the analogy of Scripture, make it certain that the reference is to evil spirits. In Scripture they are called ‘demons,’ who are declared to be fallen angels and are now subject to Satan, their prince… The designation powers of this present darkness expresses the power or authority which they exercise over the world. Mankind is subject to them… Our struggle, therefore, is with the potentates who are rulers of the kingdom of darkness as it now is.”

So what does it mean to gird our loins with truth?

A Biblical explanation of what it means to gird your loins

During Bible times, the girdle was held about the waist to hold together a soldier’s garment.  Without the girdle, the soldier’s movements were hampered in combat or while marching.

By girding our loins with truth we are staying sincere.   Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary  says “There can be no religion without sincerity.”

God wants us to wear the truth and wrap it snuggly around us.  Without the belt of truth we can come to reckless conclusions.

Do you trust a person who is truthful or always lies?

What does truth mean to you?

Like you, I know individuals who lie for the sake of lying.  There are times the lies are so minute I shake my head and wonder “why lie about that”.  Then on the other hand, I know individuals who tell the truth at all cost.  Even if it is to the detriment of themselves.

When Paul wrote “gird loins with truth” he meant the latter example.   I know that I want to be the latter example and not the first mentioned example.

There are times when it is much easier to tell a small lie or fib, but they often grow into larger lies.  As the saying goes, “a lie will eventually catch up with you”.

By telling the truth, we gain a reputation among our peers as honest and trustworthy.

However, we are also obeying the Lord.  When we live in the truth we live in righteousness.

Do you put on the Armor of God?

A Commentary on Ephesians says “But it means truth subjectively considered; that is, the knowledge and belief of the truth. This is the first and indispensable qualification for a Christian soldier. To enter on this spiritual conflict ignorant or doubting would be to enter battle blind and lame.As the belt gives strength and freedom of action, and therefore confidence, so does the truth when spiritually apprehended and believed. Truth alone, as abiding in the mind in the form of divine knowledge, can give strength of confidence even in the ordinary conflicts of the Christian life, much more in any really evil day.”
Knowing God’s truth is the sure antidote to Satan’s lies and deception. We need to be ready for the battle.  By being completely truthful with ourselves in our inner being,  we can be more like our Creator.

Remember, Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life.”  {John 14:6}

Do you gird your loins with truth?

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