Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

  •                 Domestic Violence includes: Emotional, Verbal, Psychological, Mental, Financial, Sexual and Religious Abuse
  •                 Domestic violence is not an isolate incident.  Overtime the violence will escalate.
  •                 One in four women have experienced domestic violence in her life
  •                 Abuse does not discriminate against age, income level or race
  •                 Every 9 seconds a woman in the US is abused
  •                 More than 3 women are murdered in the US by a husband or boyfriend on a daily basis

Cycle of Abuse  Violence Wheel


  If you are being abused:

Keep a bag packed

Prepare to get out

Find a safe place to go

Call the police

Get a restraining order


 If you know someone being abused:


Allow them to feel their feelings

Listen to them

Don’t make judgments or offer unwanted advice

Expect your friend to be confused

Help your friend become informed

Help your friend get to a safe place


Domestic Violence Resource Center
The Hotline
National Domestic Violence Hotline         1-800-799-SAFE {7233}

National Network to End Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs



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