Who Do You Chase After?

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in relationships and with men over the years.  Sadly, I’ve had to learn some hard lessons. Valentine’s Day is always a tough reality check of these lessons. Yet, I’ve discovered there is one man I can chase after that will always be there for me. So who is this wonderful man? He’s my […]

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Behind the Hymn: I Surrender All

Surrendering it all to God is not easy.   As I’m sharing my Rebel to Redeemed story, I am sharing my struggle to surrender it all to God over the course of my life. Many of us have struggled with this same decision.  The author of this beautiful hymn, Judson Wheeler Van DeVenter, definitely struggled.  However, from his struggles came a […]

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Surrendering Your Heart

If you Seek God, He Will Be There

When I was involved in my abusive relationship, I refused to surrender the relationship. I was so afraid of losing this man that the more he pulled away; the stronger I tried to hang on. This did not bring him any closer, which made me more and more desperate. I began to resent the person I’d become. God wants us […]

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This Too Will Pass

This Too Shall Pass

Two weeks ago I would have celebrated my anniversary. I wish I could tell you it was a good relationship, but from the beginning it was full of nothing but lies, manipulation and abuse. Unfortunately I refused to see or hear the warning signs, even when loved ones tried to help me. It took me three years to gain the […]

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Desires of the Heart

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Then you wonder why you can’t have it? I know I have! I grew up knowing my parents loved one another. I saw it in the way they interacted. Of course as an adolescent I was embarrassed that my parents still held hands and would kiss one another good […]

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Who Will You Serve?

Can you imagine living to be 103? What would you do if you had that long to live? On Wednesday {February 1}, George Beverly Shea celebrated his 103 birthday. He has lived an extraordinary life serving God with Dr. Billy Graham Cliff Barrows. This team has ministered around the world for over half a century. God has blessed all three […]

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