Behind the Song: His Kind of Love

Have you wondered where I got my tag, “Sharing HIS Kind of Love” from? The phrase comes from the song by the same title.  His Kind of Love was written by Marijohn Wilkin.   For 15 years I was Daddy’s accompanists on the piano.  This was a song we performed on a regular basis.  After his death, I took the Easter […]

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Exuding Hospitality

Are you hospitable?

Over the weekend I spent time with my cousin. At first sight we seem like an odd pair. After all she’s the same age as my grandmother. However, we’ve been good friends for over a decade. My cousin Hazel has the gift of hospitality. She instantly makes you feel comfortable in her presence. When you enter her home you know […]

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How Beautiful Heaven Will Be

The Lord Will Be Our Light

I had the joy of listening to Rev. Don Piper speak on Sunday evening. He is the author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, where he shares his story of being hit by a semi-truck, died and went to heaven for 90 minutes, as a minister friend prayed over him, before being sent back to earth. His story was a reminder […]

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Feed Your Soul without Words

“Therefore I will give thanks unto thee, O Jehovah, among the nations, And will sing praises unto thy name.” Psalms 18:49 (ASV) Do you ever have days when your heart is so heavy you don’t even know how to pray? I have many days like that. There are even times when I have no idea where the heaviness is coming […]

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