Peter, the Disciple

We discovered that Peter and his brother, Andrew, were called by Jesus to be his disciple.  The brothers were fishermen in Galilee .The Gospel of John provides additional information on the calling of Andrew and Peter.  {John 1:35-42} “Again the next day after John stood, and two of his disciples” {v.35} This is referring to John the Baptist, who was […]

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Peter, His Mother-in-Law was Healed

  Last time, we discovered that Peter was from Galilee, had a brother named Andrew, was originally named Simon and was a fisherman.  Jesus came and called them to follow him, which they did. Three of the four gospels share that Peter had a mother-in-law, whom Jesus healed.  So, we know from this that Simon Peter was married. “And he […]

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Peter, A Fisherman Named Simon

Last year for Easter, we took a look at Mary Magdalene and the role she played in the resurrection. This year as we head into the Easter season, we are going to explore the role Peter played in Jesus ministry, crucifixion, resurrection and the early church. But, before we start, who was Peter? “And Jesus, walking by the sea of […]

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