Wives of King David: Bathsheba

Bathsheba was beautiful

Bathsheba was beautiful

The story of Bathsheba is the best known of King David’s wives. By the time David meets her he is King of Israel and living in Jerusalem.

Her name means the daughter of oath.  Her father and grandfather were in David’s inner circle and Wikipedia says her father, Eliam, was “one of David’s thirty” and her grandfather, Ahitophel was “one of David’s closest advisors.”

Bathsheba was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, who served in King David’s army.

Bathsheba is on her roof top cleaning and cleansing herself when the king sees her while walking on his own roof.  He immediately desired her and sent for her.  He summons her to him and seduces her.

David was immediately drawn to Bathsheba

David was immediately drawn to Bathsheba

Upon discovering her pregnancy David realizes he has to cover his deed.  He sends for Uriah and urges him to go home to his wife.  However, Uriah remains faithful to the king and refuses to go home.

David sends a note to Joab, his general, to place Uriah on the front lines where he is killed in battle.  Bathsheba is now a widow and David makes her his wife.

The prophet Nathan approaches David about his sin and tells him a parable of a rich man stealing from a poor man.  David confesses his sin and repents. God promises that David’s house will be punished in revenge for this murder.

The son Bathsheba bares him becomes ill and dies. We are not told of her repentance, but given the blessing God provided in future sons one can imagine the tears of repentance she shed, possibility alongside with her husband.

010-david-bathshebaBathsheba goes on to provide David with more sons, Nathan, Shammua, Shobab, and Solomon, whose name means Beloved of the Lord.  Her sons are named in scripture more than any other wife of King David. Bathsheba is also listed in the Genealogy of Jesus through her sons Solomon {Joseph’s line} and Nathan {Mary’s line}.

Bathsheba is mentioned later on in scripture as helping her son, Solomon, secure the throne from King David.  She reminded David of his promise to make Solomon king.  This proves that she continued to maintain an influence in King David’s life.

She is listed one last time when Adonijah, son of Haggith, went to her and asked her to intervene with King Solomon for him to marry Abishag.

Bathsheba appeared to King David on his deathbed

Bathsheba appeared to King David on his deathbed

The rest of her life and character are veiled in mystery.  King Solomon clearly revered his mother.  He wrote in Proverbs 22, “to train up a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.”  This was by all appearances a lesson he learned from his mother.

Given her role in her sons lives and from the writings of King Solomon regarding honoring God, Bathsheba appears to be a woman who loved and honored the Lord and taught her children about him from a young age.

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