Wives of King David: Abishag, Warmed an Old King

Abishag kept King David warm in his old age

Abishag kept King David warm in his old age


Abishag was very beautiful and well known for her beauty.  She was a young woman in the time of King David’s old age.  She was chosen to be a

helper to David in his final days. We are told “they put covers on him but could not keep him warm.”

Her duties were to “lie next to David and keep him warm.”  However,
1 Kings 1:4 says David did not have sexual relations with her {“but the king knew her not (intimately)”}.

Abishag was more than likely a servant of the household.  The scriptures make it clear that she and David did not share an intimate relationship.

After the death of King David, his son Adonijah entreated King Solomon, through persuading Bathsheba, to allow him to marry Abishag.  Afraid Adonijah wanted his throne, Solomon had his half-brother put to death.

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