Who Will You Serve?

Can you imagine living to be 103? What would you do if you had that long to live?
On Wednesday {February 1}, George Beverly Shea celebrated his 103 birthday.

George Beverly Shea

He has lived an extraordinary life serving God with Dr. Billy Graham Cliff Barrows. This team has ministered around the world for over half a century. God has blessed all three of these men with long life for their service to him.

Cliff Barrows, Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea

I heard on the news this evening about a twenty year old man killed in a car accident. When he left his home this morning he had no idea it would be his last day on this earth. We have no guarantee how long we’ll have, whether it’s another hour or a hundred more years. Eventually we will all die, unless Jesus returns first.
Life is full of numerous ups and downs and we don’t always understand the path we are on or the reason we are facing these trials. We can choose to live in God’s will or our own. I’ve learned from experience that the path is a lot smoother when I live in God’s will instead of trying to follow my own.

Sitting with Jesus

How do I live in God’s will?
1. Ask God in prayer
2. Stay in his word
3. Heed his warning if/when those signs come
In time he will show you the plans he has for your life. The waiting seems unending, but answers will come.
“As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

Are you serving yourself and living for number one? Are you serving God and living for Him? Do you need to seek His will and ask for His guidance?

I’d Rather Have Jesus

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