Preparing to Leave

The time finally arrived when I said enough is enough and I began to prepare a plan to leave.

Set a plan to leave an abusive situation

I’ll admit this was a difficult decision and I second and third guessed myself time and time again.  I often wondered if I was doing the right thing and would be able to follow through.  Yet, the situation was so bad I knew I had absolutely no choice.

I began to set a plan in place.  This included:

  • Saving up financially
  • Determining the safest time to leave {which was when he would be out of town for me}
  • Determining where I would go
  • Making plans with my family to come and get me {we reconnected in the last few months}

    Determine your steps and allow God to direct your path

  • Seeking God’s will
  • Determining my next steps once I left
  • Taking steps for my safety once I left
  • Discovering what my rights were and what I needed to do to protect myself


For me, things came to ahead before I was able to implement the plan and I was forcibly pulled out of the relationship before I was able to put this plan into action.  Yet, I had a plan to leave if things had never come to a head.

God knows what he has in store for us

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “for I know the plans I have for you, plans for your good and not for your harm.”

God wants better for us than to live on an emotional rollercoaster and hellish situation.  If you are living in such a situation, seek God and put a plan into place to get the help that is needed.

What steps have you made to put a plan into action?

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