Life Coaching Services

Life Coaching Services Offered

Leagh is a Christian Life Coach

Leagh is a board certified life coach.

Women’s Coach
Leagh works with women through a variety of issues to help them overcome the past, discover a plan, reach for their goals and move towards the future.   She incorporates scripture and a variety of assessments into her coaching to help women find the best “me” they can be.

Life Wellness Coach
Do you feel that one or more areas of your life are out of synch?  Leagh focuses on the eight areas of wellness: physical, financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, social, play and rest.   She will work with you to set reachable goals in one to all of these areas.  This can include weight loss, financial planning, growing in your spiritual walk, developing self-confidence and self-esteem and many other options.
{This is for women only}

  Creative Coach
                Are you creative?  Do you want to be more creative?  Do you have a block? Did you know that gardening, sewing and cooking were creative outlets?  Whether you are a musician, writer, speaker, artists, photographer, sculptor, hobbyist or have another creative outlet, Leagh will help you.  She will help you to overcome blocks that are in your way and set goals to move forward.  These goals can be on a hobby level, as an amateur, budding professional or on a professional level.

Caregiving Coach 
                Are you or your parent moving into a new passage of life?  Leagh will help the patient and family transition as smoothly as possible into this new time.  Becoming a caregiver means many changes and decisions that have to be made.  Leagh will help walk you through the decisions and guide you towards the resources that best fit your situation.

Transition Coach 
Are you transitioning through a difficult time in your life?
Did you just leave an abusive relationship, divorce, move, suffer a death, change careers, etc?
Leagh will help you to set goals for this new phase of your life and look forward to the future.
{This is for women only}

Vocal Coach          
Are you a vocalist preparing for an audition?  Whether this is for fun or a professional audition, Leagh can help you with vocal tips that will stretch you to become your very best.  Leagh majored in music in college and has more than a decade’s worth of experience teaching voice.

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