Prosper Where You’re Planted by Kathy Carlton Willis

I’ve followed Kathy Carlton Willis writing through mutual friends and social media for several years.  So it is a real honor and joy to have her guest posting today.  I hope you enjoy her article as much as I did.  Welcome, Kathy! Prosper Where You’re Planted by Kathy Carlton Willis We were excited about our brand new home, but not […]

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From Rebel to Redeemed

Are you Rebellious?

Have you ever thought that you knew better than God? I spent a lifetime thinking I knew best and refusing to even consult him on matters. When I first met my ex, God tried to get my attention. He and everyone else wanted to warn me that I was being deceived, but I refused to hear it. Short of striking […]

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Desires of the Heart

Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? Then you wonder why you can’t have it? I know I have! I grew up knowing my parents loved one another. I saw it in the way they interacted. Of course as an adolescent I was embarrassed that my parents still held hands and would kiss one another good […]

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