Will You Accept September’s One-on-One Challenge? by Gail Goolsby

Gail Goolsby is with us today and she is discussing one of my pet peeves.  In our modern age of instant communication we have often lost the ability to interact with others.  I hope you will accept her challenge.  Gail, welcome to Where the Winds Blow. Will You Accept September’s One-on-One Challenge? by Gail Goolsby Everyone wants to know and […]

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Widen Your Horizons

Are you willing to try new things? My mother and I travelled half way across the country last December when my brother graduated from seminary.  In celebration of this momentous occasion my brother took us to several decadent restaurants.  We don’t normally eat French, German, Indian and Mediterranean foods.  However, we were open to these different cultures and foods.  While […]

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Remembering Those that Perished At Sea

Titanic survivors in lifeboats awaiting rescue

These were people living out their everyday life. In third class, most of the passengers were emigrants headed to the New World in hopes of a better life. In second class, we had what today would be considered the average, middle class person. First class was filled with the opulence of grandeur. The most elite and richest people were on […]

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